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                          --  A.I.A.L. --
dear friends,
            we are glad to inform you that the course of greek lessons organized from our association will take place also this summer
            it will start on tuesday, july 22nd  at classroom of primary school in kamara (on the small street in front of takliambouri supermarket) and will continue till friday, august 22nd  every tuesday and friday with two levels:
 - beginners: from 10:00 till 11:30
 - advanced: from 11:30 till 13:00          
(an intermediary level will be evaluated from the teacher in relation of the number of participants)
            of course, you can joint the course also after the start of the lesson, according to your arrival on the island
            a preliminary meeting with the teacher at the same classroom of primary school in kamara will take place monday, july 21st at 12:00
            please, inform any interested friend, and let us know your eventual participation responding to this email or simply using the website contact form
kalò kalokairi !

[n.b.:  potete trovare le informazioni in italiano inerenti il corso di greco sulla relativa pagina delle lastnews del sito, che riportano anche una pagina dedicata ai seminari di danza tradizionale]
[n.b.:  vous pouvez trouver tous les renseignements en français concernent les cours de grecque sur la page des lastnews du site, qui contient aussi une page dédiée aux séminaires de danse traditionnelle]

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